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Get 30% more visits

It's well-documented that language affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google itself says, "If you search in French, most results displayed will be in that language, as it's likely you want." Meanwhile, most of the world doesn't speak English, and consumers are more likely to browse and buy in their own language. Customers are even willing to pay more if you give them info in their own languages, according to Harvard Business Review.

Yuzu is the shortest path between where you are today and opening your digital doors to a global audience. While our primary focus is developer experience—the number one cost- and pain-saving opportunity in localization—we are also set up to assist on larger efforts by later stage companies. To learn if Yuzu might be the right option for you, simply click below to schedule a call. Your developers will thank you!


A spreadsheet with superpowers

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Every Yuzu project is powered by Codesheets, a powerful collaborative spreadsheet editor and API, with GPT-4 built in.


Inventing state of the art quality

Open source
The entire source code Yuzu is freely available. If you think open source is as cool as we do, consider giving us a star.
Tone matching
The Codesheets assistant is powered by GPT-4, which can automatically match the tone that you want for translations.
Smart AI selection
Different models perform better for different situations and language pairs. Yuzu will choose the highest performing one for each translation you need.
Length controls
Some languages like German are naturally longer than others, which can frustrate UIs. The Codesheets assistant can help you ensure strings are of similar length across languages.
Using next-international's pluralization rules, Yuzu accounts for strings that depend on a variable.
Expert review
Iterative machine translation will often get you 100% of the way there. If not, reach out directly to get connected with our team of linguists.


Powerful command-line tools

Yuzu's open source CLI is fully featured.

npx yuzu build
Compile all the strings in your project into yuzu directory
npx yuzu push
Push your default language messages to your Yuzu project
npx yuzu translate
Automatically fill in missing translations in your Yuzu project
npx yuzu pull
Pull down and compile the latest dictionary from Yuzu

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