Pulling down your dictionary

Once your Codesheet accurately represents your dictionary, you can pull it down into your project.

npx yuzu pull
npx yuzu pull

This will replace each generated JSON file with the latest translations from your Codesheet. As mentioned previously, you never want to edit the generated JSON manually. It's error-prone and could get overwritten with the next pull.

That's it. This is the core translation workflow:

  • build when you change the messages in your codebase wrapped in t() calls.
  • push updated messages to the web backend.
  • translate any missing strings at your convenience.
  • pull down the latest dictionary.

Depending you your web framework (e.g. NextJS, Astro, SvelteKit, Nuxt, etc.), you'll have a few more things to do to get things set up and working end-to-end. For example, in NextJS, you'll need a middleware.ts file to handle path-based routing and a <LanguageSwitcher /> component so that users can change the language themselves. These docs will cover each in detail.