Translating your messages with Yuzu

Using a mix of DeepL and Google Translate, you can translate translate any missing values in your project in a few seconds.

npx yuzu translate
npx yuzu translate

If you have your Codesheet open, you'll see the translations appear in real time. Now you're ready to pull them down into your locale files.

Usage limits

Yuzu offers free translation of 2,000 characters per month (roughly 300 words), which is sufficient to get everything set up and translate full apps that don't have much content. You can also manually translate any missing values in your Codesheet for free without limitation.

To make use of Yuzu's translator selection and convenience above these limits, you'll want to upgrade to our Pro plan ($25 / month billed annually or $35 billed monthly), which supports our open source development and we hope might make us profitable one day. The Pro plan comes with 100,000 characters per month (roughly 15,000 words), and the ability to translate all missing values in your project with a single command. Usage above these limits is billed at that same rate of $0.00025 per character, or $1 per 4,000 characters.

You can view full details on our pricing page and support us by upgrading to Pro. If you need more custom support, including expert review and custom consultation, there is also a button there to contact us about our Enterprise tier.